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Wetton Road Sinks Swallet181
Wetton Road Swallett Swallet610
Ecton Copper Mines, Whey Level Mine, SSSI, NT213213
Whirlpool Pot Cave5204
Midway Pot Cave
Sparrowlee Sink Swallet
Oblivion Rift Cave Cave, Karst, Lost, NOACCESS2050238
Ecton Copper Mines, Chadwick Mine Mine, Shaft, Collapse, Adit, SSSI, NT10030304
Hollybank Mine Adit, SSSI230
Ecton Copper Mines, East Ecton Mine Mine, Adit15050250
Ecton Copper Mines, Limepits Mine Mine, Shaft, Adit, NT10050218
Slate Scrin Mine Adit, Mine, NT, CROW, SSSI5025330
Unnamed none2.5362
Unnamed Collapse, Quarry, SSSI, NT3340
Upper Cawror Slack Mine Mine, Adit, SSSI73210
Stinking Lane Rift Cave No 1 none5
Stinking Lane Rift Cave No 2 Cave, Dig, Archaeo8
Stormy Rift Cave, Archaeo
Great Rocks Dale (North) Quarry Cave Cave, Quarry, Karst4.25331
Small Knowle End Quarry Cave/Pot Cave, Quarry, Dig128325
Small Knowle End Quarry Cave Cave, Quarry, Karst, Dig2.71325
Pindale End Mine Sough, Shaft, Mine, SSSI4025210
Hazard Mine Mine, Shaft, NOACCESS30079431

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