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Speedwell Mine and Cavern

Winnats Pass, Castleton.

NGR:SK 13930 82750
WGS84:53.34147, -1.79225
Length:6929 m
Depth:234.52 m
Altitude:247 m
Tags:Mine, SSSI
Access Information:

Show cave open daily all year round as far as Bottomless Pit. Access beyond this point not normally permitted, except for specially approved projects. Connections from Peak Cavern & JH (James Hall Over Engine Mine) gated as part of management restriction on through trips.

Alternate Names: Navigation Mine, Oakden Level

Notes: References: Barker, Iain & Beck, John s. 2010. Caves of Peak District Entry. Page 129.

Hydrographic Feeds: James Hall, P8, Snelslow Swallet, Christmas Swallet, Giants Hole, Winnats Head Cave, Rowter Hole, Nettle Pot

Hydrographic Resurgences: Slop Moll, Russet Well

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