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Perryfoot Cave Cave, Karst, SSSI18330330
Black Rabbit Cave Cave1520245
Pindale Cave Cave, CROW, SSSI480272
Cave Dale Cave No 1 Cave, Mine, SSSI55225
Cave Dale Cave No 7 Cave, Karst, Mine, SSSI33.55330
Cave Dale Cave No 12 Dig1.50239
Cave Dale Cave No 2b Cave20269
Cave Dale Cave No 2 Cave145272
Cave Dale Cave No 3 Cave51266
Cave Dale Cave No 9 Cave20262
Cave Dale Cave No 5 Cave145277
Cave Dale Cave No 11 Cave, Karst, SSSI41253
Cave Dale Cave No 4 Cave, NOACCESS045257
Cave Dale Rising Karst, Rising, SSSI00305
Cave Dale Cave No 6 Cave00277
Cave Dale Vent Cave, NOACCESS3030276
Peak Cavern Cave, Rising, CROW, SSSI6026129.71194
Cave Dale Cave No 8 Cave00301
Cave Dale Cave No 10 Cave00
Peakshole Sough Sough, Rising, Mine, Adit, SSSI36630193
Middle Bank Cave Cave, SSSI150300
Middle Bank Pot Karst, Collapse, SSSI02297
Longcliffe Mine Cave, Collapse, Mine, Dig, Shaft, Archaeo, KEY, NT, CROW, SSSI11884317
Hollandtwine Mine Lost, NOACCESS00427
Speedwell Mine and Cavern Mine, SSSI, COVID196929234.52247
Titan Shaft Cave, Shaft, SSSI2086196.24430
Suicide Cave Cave, SSSI, CROW, NT13727270
Hiatt Cave Cave, SSSI, CROW150350
Treak Cliff Cavern Cave, Adit, Dig, Mine, NT, SSSI3050308
Butttress Hole Cave, SSSI, CROW, NT90341

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