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Cave Dale Cave No 10 Cave00
Clare's Cave Cave4518
Kittycross Cavern Cave, Lost, Shaft, Mine
Mill Dam Cavern Lost
Pippin Hole Cave
Hartle Dale Caves: Top Cave Cave
Hogsland Cavern & Mine Lost, NOACCESS
Wakebridge Cavern Mine, NOACCESS
Crakelow Cutting Cave Cave4
Minning Low Quarry Fissures Cave1
Newton Grange Quarry Caves Cave2
Water Low Cavern Lost, NOACCESS
Alport Quarry Fissure Lost
Swallow Holes Lost
Aldwark Hermit Cave Cave
Bodens Quarry Cave Lost
Grange Barn Cave Cave4
New Speedwell Mine Lost
Northern Dale Mines Mine
Orchard Mine Caverns Lost
Ranter Mine Cavern Lost
Tearsall Pipe Caverns No 1 Lost
Yatestoop Sough Mine, Shaft, Sough
Snake Mine Mine
Dunsley Springs Level Mine
Houghton Pipe Mine
Bonsal Lees Level Mine
Glutton Dale Cave Lost
Whaley Cave Cave
Victory Quary Fissure Lost, NOACCESS

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