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NameTagsLengthDepth Altitude
Son of Nettle Cave, Dig, Shaft456
Bradwell Cave Cave32215
Cow Hole Cave40220
Outlands Head Cave Lost, SSSI370350
Hartle Dale Caves Cave280
New Venture Mine & Cavern Mine376
Badger's Rift Cave18192
Deadman's Clough Swallet Dig244
Hazelbadge End Mine Mine30238
Kittycross Cavern Cave, Lost, Shaft, Mine
Mill Dam Cavern Lost
Nether Water Swallet Dig237
Pippin Hole Cave
Revell's Pipe Vein Mine118238
Shod Pot Dig305
Hartle Dale Caves: Top Cave Cave
Mottram St. Andrew Mines Mine, KEY110
Fallgate Cave No 1 Cave18.2180
Fallgate Cave No 2 Cave17.3180
Fallgate Cave No 3 Cave30180
Fallgate Cave No 4 Cave11180
Hawthorne Hole Mine15.5195
Hogsland Cavern & Mine Lost, NOACCESS
Old Woman's Well Rising155
Wakebridge Cavern Mine, NOACCESS
Crakelow Cutting Cave Cave4
Hipley Dale Badgers Cave Cave1.5195
Hipley Dale Rock Shelter Cave, SSSI27195
Hoe Grange Quarry Cave Cave6335
Hunters Bedding Cave Dig2210

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