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Name TagsLengthDepthAltitude
1. Wide cave mouth nr Reynards Cave Archaeo10183
10. Single chamber cave at Tissington Spires Archaeo174
11. Small rock shelter nr the Dove Holes Archaeo157
12. Single chamber opposite and visible from Dove Holes Archaeo199
13. Small rock shelter Archaeo210
14. Large shallow cavity Archaeo215
15. Shallow cave Archaeo212
16. Small cave near Etches Cave Archaeo327
17. Shallow cavity up a steep scramble Archaeo250
18. Low rock shelter high on the dale side above the footpath Archaeo236
19. Small rock shelter Archaeo368
2. Open fissure nr Reynards Cave Archaeo176
20. Square cut fissure Archaeo391
3. Low entrance into chamber Archaeo30157
4. Obvious entrance at top of an eroding bank Archaeo140
5. Obvious fissure 5m from path Archaeo140
6. Rock shelter on rock up past Ilam Rock Archaeo221
7. Tall open cave in crag next to Ilam Rock Archaeo257
8. Wide fissure Archaeo1.9257
9. Open rock shelter near path Archaeo173
Aldery Cliff Cave Cave329
Aldery Cliff Fissure Cave3117285
Aldwark Ash Rock Shelter Cave1.5320
Aldwark Cave Cave1.5325
Aldwark Hermit Cave Cave
Alport Quarry Fissure Lost
Alport Tufa Caves Cave60137
Alsop's Cave Lost, SSSI000
Anthony Hill Shakeholes Dig375
April Cave Cave11299

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