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Old Tor Mine Mine, Adit, NT, CROW, SSSI, KEY9121373
James Hall's Over Engine Mine Cave, Mine, Shaft, SAM, SSSI1468190.55426
Rowter Hole Mine, Shaft, SSSI1044182.44425
Dielasma Cave Cave150370
Odin Cave Cave, SSSI, CROW, NT420290
Odin Mine Mine, Adit, Shaft, Archaeo, NOACCESS, NT, CROW, SAM, SSSI0137290
Blue John Cavern Cave, SSSI127490265
Winnats Head Cave Cave, Karst, CROW, SSSI610148.4404
Conies Dale Pot Dig, CROW00408
Mam Tor Swallet Cave, Swallet249389
Windy Knoll Cave Cave, SSSI, NT6515.7410
Nettle Pot Cave, Karst, Shaft, CO2, SSSI798174.28464
Mountbatten Pot Cave042469
Oxlow Caverns Cave, Shaft, Mine, SSSI2134145.48443
Thistle Pot Cave, Dig, Shaft, NOACCESS, SSSI017425
Maskhill Mine Cave, Mine, Shaft, SSSI200225458
Frog Hole Dig, NOACCESS00415
Giants Hole Cave, SSSI2298139.69373
Giants Cave Cave9010367
Sidetrack Cave Cave, NOACCESS, SSSI4790388
Eldon Hole Cave, SSSI20085415
Cove Hole Cave, NOACCESS2328368
Snelslow Swallet Cave, Karst, Swallet, Shaft, SSSI4346340
Christmas Swallet Cave, NOACCESS, SSSI7070339
P8 Cave, SSSI18000326
Bull Pit Cave024360
P7 Swallet Cave, SSSI7336338
Little Bull Pit Cave128336
P5 Swallet Dig, SSSI4621310
P4 Swallet Dig00330

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